2022 SARA Championships

Qualifying and Format

To qualify for Championships, a racer must be a member of SARA and USSA, and for U16-21 athletes, must have two SARA race starts in the 2021-22 season.

U16 – U21 Championships will be held at Timberline, VA on February 26 and 27, 2022. There will be two two-run races, giant slalom on Saturday and slalom on Sunday.

U10 – U14 Championships will be held at Sugar Mountain NC on  March 5 and 6, 2022.  There will be four runs: two giant slalom runs on Saturday and two slalom runs on Sunday.

Details for Championships registration will be available later in the season via links to the race announcements on the SARA Race Schedule 2021-22 page

SARA State Team Points Calculation

U16-U21 racers will use their best three race (two runs) finishes to determine the State Team Champions who are eligible to compete in post-season events.  There will be a total of six races that can be used for State Team selection, four at qualifiers and two at Championships.  State Team selection will be based on total World Cup points earned in those three best race finishes.  Racers must have one race start at Championships and must use at least one of the Champs races for State Team selection.

NC Qualifier: All Class, 1/29-1/30/2022 at Sugar Mountain, NC.

VA Qualifier: All Class, Wintergreen, VA (2/12) and Massanutten, VA (2/13).

U16 – U21 Qualifiers will be held in WV (Snowshoe, Jan 30 and 31) and in VA (Massanutten, Feb 6 and 7).

U14 – U10 racers will not earn World Cup Points at regular-season races.  At Championships, racers will earn World Cup points for each run and the points for the racer’s best three of four runs (two slalom on Saturday and two giant slalom on Sunday) will be added together to determine the SARA Champions.

For more information on State Team selection and ranking racers using World Cup points, see SARA Points




Congratulations to the 2022 State Teams!

U16 Women

Blakely, Kilee - 2007 SUGAR
Grosser, Sarah - 2006 SUGAR
Jones, Sarah - 2006 SNOW
Newell, Georgie - 2006 TIMB
Moehrke, Brooke - 2007 SUGAR


U16 Men

Hwang, Theo - 2006 MRM
Abert, Shrey - 2006 BRYCE
Weiss, Cooper - 2006 WGRN
Howard, Cole - 2006 SNOW
Shaw, Shannon - 2007 MRM


U18/U21 Women

Ramsey, Aimee - 2004 SNOW
Dellinger, Annika - 2005 BRYCE
Schatz, Mckinley - 2005 SNOW
Diradour, Madelyn - 2004 WGRN
Baldwin, Laura Lee - 2005 WGRN


U18/U21 Men 

Blakely, Mark - 2005 SUGAR
Brouillette, Xander - 2003 SNOW
Satoh, Seigo - 2005 SUGAR
Jensen, Tyler - 2004 BRYCE
Brownlow, Etienne - 2005 SNOW
Palmer, Robert - 2005 BRYCE