Mission Statement

  1. To promote the development of first-rate ski competition and training programs. To create opportunities for alpine ski competition within the region of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina for a variety of ages and athletic ability levels;
  2. To cooperate and maintain good relationships with local, regional and national ski associations, ski areas and communities;
  3. To be affiliated with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (“USSA”) through its Eastern Division; to comply with USSA’s competition regulations, Code of Conduct and the provisions of any other USSA rules and regulations applicable to USSA-affiliated organizations, and to participate in its programs and administer USSA-sanctioned, scored and unscored, alpine ski races in SARA;
  4. To provide and encourage others to provide the physical facilities, financial assistance, coaching and other support to enable SARA competitors to achieve their full potential, including the opportunity for Regional, Eastern, and  National competitions.
  5. To provide a variety of services and benefits for its members, including the promotion of ski racing education, alpine officials, sportsmanship, and safety.