Masters Information

Alpine Master Program 2019-20

Master racing is truly for any adult skier beginning with the age of 18 and available into the senior years. Most of us have enjoyed some competition as a junior. Suddenly we grew out of these junior years and feel there is something missing in our lifestyle. It starts already during the college years and later by accumulating years as an adult. This feeling of competition is still embedded in us and thanks to NASTAR and Master racing, we get the taste of being young again. At many events, racing is a family affair, where two or three generations compete in their own age group. Master racing in the South is highly social and emphasize camaraderie and love for competition.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard short-term membership for (one day) may be purchased to participate in non-championship (divisional) races, but they are not valid at master’s national or regional championships. Two short term memberships, covering the period of two events can be purchased. Short-term fees accumulate toward a yearly master membership.  More information is available on the US Ski & Snowboard website

SARA Master Races

The Southern Alpine Racing Association (SARA) racing season begins in December at Massanutten and Bryce Resort.  Masters can cut down on their traveling schedule by racing only in North Carolina, Virginia or West Virginia.  Racers from the different regions may finally meet at the SARA Championships in February.  Details will be posted on the SARA Championships page in early February.

Race Registration
To participate in any Master USSA races, a racer must have at least a temporary USSA membership, but for the SARA Championship you must have a full membership. If you are a member of SARA, you can register for races online via links at USSA members who are not members of SARA should contact the individual race organizer for registration.

Master Race Schedule 2019-20

12/21/19 Massanutten GS 9am
12/22/19 Bryce GS 1pm

1/11/20 Bryce GS 1pm
1/12/20 Bryce SL 1pm
1/20/20 Wintergreen SL 9am
1/25/20 Sugar SL 9am
1/26/20 Sugar GS 9am

2/1/20 Snowshoe GS 9am
2/2/20 Snowshoe SL 9am
2/8/20 Cannan Valley GS 9am
2/9/20 Canaan Valley SL 9am
2/17/20 Wintergreen GS 9am

2/22/20 Massanutten SARA Championship GS 9am
2/23/20 Massanutten SARA Championship SL 9am

Master Racing Awards 

Since the number of racers is still low in this geographical region, the race awards will be applied as follows:
Class 1 - 4 (18-44 years)
Class 5 & above (45 & older)

For the SARA Championships, the racer must have a full USSA master membership.

SARA Master Chairman: Horst Locher: [email protected]